Asklepios successfully signs a syndicated revolving credit line of EUR 550 million

· Strategic liquidity reserve for general corporate purposes
· Potential to link credit line and sustainability goals

Asklepios Kliniken GmbH & Co. KGaA has successfully signed a new syndicated credit line with a group of 11 core banks. The credit facility has a volume of EUR 550 million and a five-year term, plus two one-year extension options.

The new syndicated credit line replaces the existing loan facilities and can be increased to up to EUR 750 million via increase options. The loan facility serves as a strategic liquidity reserve for general corporate purposes. In the course of the transaction, the loan agreement was also aligned with the new circumstances surrounding the Group, which has further expanded its position as one of the leading digital healthcare groups and largest private clinic operators in Germany over the last few years.

“The new credit line is an integral part of our long-term financing strategy and will support us in achieving our corporate objectives,” said Hafid Rifi, CFO of the Asklepios Group. “The loan facility also enables us to take a further key step in our sustainability efforts, as we can potentially link the loan facility to achieving specific sustainability goals.”

Asklepios is committed to high sustainability standards in the areas of the environment, social responsibility and responsible corporate governance and has been regularly reporting on its results and progress in its sustainability report since 2018. Specific sustainability goals are to lend even stronger expression to this commitment in future.

“Furthermore, the new loan facility offers a high degree of flexibility thanks to the integrated increase and extension options, among other things,” added Benedikt Brörmann, Head of Corporate Finance at Asklepios. “Overall, the transaction has enabled us to improve the financing terms further, which also underpins the performance of the Asklepios Group.”

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About Asklepios

Asklepios Kliniken is one of the leading private operators of hospitals and healthcare facilities in Germany. The hospital group stands for highly qualified care for its patients, with a clear commitment to medical quality, innovation and social responsibility. On this basis, Asklepios has been developing dynamically since it was founded over 35 years ago. The Group currently has around 170 healthcare facilities throughout Germany. These include acute care hospitals of all different care levels, university hospitals, specialist clinics, psychiatric facilities, forensic institutions, rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes and medical centres. In the 2021 financial year, over 3.5 million patients were treated at the Asklepios Group’s facilities. The company has more than 67,000 employees.

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