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Factsheet & Key figures

Our latest factsheet gives you an overview about the Asklepios Group.

Company Profile

Asklepios was established in 1985 and is now a leading digital healthcare group in Germany with around 170 facilities and 67,000 employees. The focus of our actions is on the patients, who we support with a holistic, integrated approach throughout the treatment cycle. The corporate values of medical quality, innovation and social responsibility have been in place since our foundation and continue to shape the company’s development. With significant investments in medical excellence and digitalisation plus the acquisition of MediClin AG and RHÖNKLINIKUM AG, we are helping to advance healthcare in a major way through innovation.


  • Leading healthcare group under family ownership
  • Around 170 healthcare facilities in 14 German federal states
  • Nationwide German network for holistic healthcare provision:
    • University hospitals and maximum, basic,
    • primary and specialised care services
    • Specialist hospitals with established specialities
  • Prevention and aftercare
    • Rehabilitation clinics
    • Medical service centres
  • Evolution of the hospital network into a healthcare group and “digital healthcare companion”
  • Quality, innovation and social responsibility are the pillars on which Asklepios is based


Investment Highlights

Attractive acute market

  • Long-term, increasing demand for healthcare services, independent of economic trends


  • Regulated environment with high barriers to market entry

Digital HealthyNEAR

  • Asklepios is shaping the digitalisation of healthcare as a pioneer, with
  • integration and digitalisation of treatment methods and processes as an opportunity for growth


  • Attractive synergy potential due to in-depth integration and proven operational excellence
  • Potential by centralising and giving a distinct identity to existing healthcare facilities
  • Consistent strategic expansion of the value chain, e.g. with solutions in the field of e-health

Conservative financing approach

  • Healthy financing structure with a balanced maturity profile
  • Freely available lines ensure a high degree of flexibility


  • Experienced management team
  • 35-year history as a successful market consolidator

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