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For all the advancement in diagnostics and therapy, remaining healthy is still the best strategy. We believe firmly in this principle at Asklepios and are therefore committed to the prevention of disease – entirely in keeping with the ideas upheld by Asklepios' founder, Dr Bernard große Broermann. There are many opportunities, often untapped, to use the insight and achievements of modern medicine in the prevention of disease.


This is the premise of our BROERMANN HEALTH programme, in which Asklepios offers you holistic, individual support for the preservation and improvement of your health and fitness. Addressing all aspects of health management, our services range from medical check-ups through specialist consultations to health coaching – evidence-based and tailored to each individual.

Although nobody can promise the absence of illness, today we know how to dramatically reduce the risk of countless diseases. Often there are simple things you can do that will significantly influence the risk of succumbing to illness. But in order to adhere to these principles, you need to be aware of your own risks and know how to take preventative measures that will lower or at least manage these factors.

The suitable ways of remaining healthy differ from person to person. Not every lifestyle can simply be imposed or will indeed suit particular life circumstances. After all, each individual has their own particular health goals, be these well-being, fitness or competitive sports. Whatever your goal may be: at Asklepios, we help you to achieve it in the best possible way, to find or optimise your own personal lifestyle and to effectively implement it into your everyday life.

The First Step: Check-Ups

We use a thorough health check-up to indicate the strong points of your physical condition and to demonstrate your specific disease risks, along with clear strategies to improve your personal "health future".

The more we know about the state of your health, the better we will be able to control your personal risks. As a basis for preparing your health strategy, the check-up at BROERMANN HEALTH includes very extensive medical examinations that exceed the scope of normal preventative consultations by far. We use this solid foundation to prepare a detailed health profile that enables early indications of possible disease risks that can be eliminated or at least reduced by taking the right preventative measures.

The check-up at BROERMANN HEALTH lasts around half a day. A broad spectrum of medical diagnostics and analyses are applied.

  • Detailed medical history and initial examination
  • Extensive laboratory diagnostics of blood and organ values and of urine for the early detection of diseases or health risks, organic and metabolic functions, micronutrient supply, vitamin profiles, hormone status and immune status etc.
  • Ultrasound examinations of the abdominal organs, thyroid gland and vessels.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging of the head to assess the brain, the bone parts, vessels, the ventricles of the brain and the other soft tissue inside the cranium
  • Echocardiography and electrocardiogram at rest and under stress
  • Spiroergometry/pulmonary function test before and after stress
  • Eye, skin and neurological examinations
  • Detailed and clear check-up review and consultation

In case of conspicuous findings, we enlist the help of other highly qualified specialists from our clinics to assist with the examinations. We also include any current examination findings, laboratory values or preliminary findings in our analysis and use the information to prepare an individual programme that avoids any duplicate examinations. Naturally, we will provide you with a written diagnosis report for your own records once the examinations are complete.

Additional Examinations on Request

We can also conduct other examinations in our Asklepios Kliniken on request or as needed, although they will be charged separately. They include endoscopy of the upper gastrointestinal tract or colon, whole body magnetic resonance imaging, special examinations for health risks among women (mammography, intravaginal ultrasound, cytological examinations etc.) and men (prostate, kidneys, bladder, sexual dysfunction etc.).

Individual Prevention Strategy

Once we have obtained the examination findings, we use the results to prepare a suitable and effective prevention strategy based on our 8-Point Method, which you can use for the successful management of your health and for the prevention of disease.

Our 8-Point Method comprises the following topics:

1) Nutrition

Advice on ideal dietary habits with due consideration of your personal preferences and risk factors

2) Exercise

Advice on an individually tailored exercise programme with which you can achieve your health or fitness goals

3) Stress/burnout

Assistance in restoring your inner balance as the strongest foundation for a healthy lifestyle, energy, motivation and health

4) Sleep

Advice on sleeping habits that help mitigate health risks

5) Herbal supplements

Advice on the meaningful and needs-based integration of herbal products and natural dietary supplements in your daily nutrition

6) Vitamins

Advice on the optimised supply of vitamins to suit your personal requirements

7) Trace elements/minerals

Determination of your trace element and mineral needs while taking your physical and psychological stress levels into consideration

8) Hormones

Comprehensive analysis of your hormone levels and possible symptoms, as well as advice on the treatment of any hormonal imbalance

We will use the detailed final consultation on your health status and individual risk profile to offer advice on how best to improve your personal lifestyle. Moreover, we provide motivational support in the successful and enjoyable integration of these preventative measures in your daily routines.

Assistance during Illness

Your personal doctor at BROERMANN HEALTH will also attend to your needs if hospital treatment is necessary or sensible, advising you on how to find the ideal clinic, which alternative treatment strategies are available and on other aspects.

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