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At Asklepios, we attach the highest priority to the medical quality of our work. We have installed an excellent quality management system at all locations within the Group to ensure the best possible quality of results, as well as patient safety and satisfaction. The significant number of awards and certificates from professional medical associations and specialised test institutes are witness to the fact that this effort bears fruit. Asklepios Kliniken regularly receive excellent ratings far above the industry average in nationwide comparisons. Here, Asklepios publishes the Group-wide data and test results in regard to medical quality and patient safety, as well as patient and referrer satisfaction, for public consumption on the Internet.

Data on Results Quality

Do I receive competent treatment in line with the latest insight from medical science? Can I feel safe in the clinic, and will I receive good care? Every patient will ask these questions before deciding on a clinic. We publish our annual "Report on the Quality of Medical Results" to give you a glimpse behind the scenes and to help you assess the quality of our work. In this report, we present certain focus areas as examples and provide detailed explanations of the individual quality metrics and their individual significance for patient safety and treatment quality. The matching data from all Asklepios Kliniken are then presented and listed in a transparent form. By publishing this report on results quality, Asklepios Kliniken go far beyond the statutory requirements in Germany and can therefore stake a claim to quality leadership in the national clinic landscape.

Learning from the Best

Open disclosure of data from the quality management system and the consequent comparability of medical services and results lead to constant improvement in all areas. Doctors and clinics learn how to improve their own standards based on regular benchmarking with the best performers within the Group. This procedure has proven effective, leading to exceptional results quality and patient safety in increasing numbers of areas.

Second Opinion Principle

Obtaining a second opinion is not just a method of dealing with uncertainty, it can also indicate alternative treatment strategies that may produce a better outcome. At Asklepios, we endorse and support the principle of obtaining a second medical opinion for this reason. Patients will always find someone else to consult in these cases at Asklepios. Afterwards, we discuss the colleague's proposals with the patient and indicate the advantages and disadvantages of the various options. In turn, doctors at Asklepios support their patients in obtaining a second expert opinion on their treatment strategy.

High Standards

Besides the work of physicians and nursing staff, the medical devices such as synthetic joints, stents or pacemakers are key to the success of medical treatment. Strategic purchasing experts at Asklepios review the quality of medical devices before concluding framework agreements with manufacturers. We consistently audit adherence to our strict quality standards to ensure that our patients can always rely on their medical implants – be it an artificial joint or a cardiac pacemaker.

Continuous Improvement is the Goal

Quality management means more than just constantly checking and maintaining the same level of quality. Continuous, critical appraisal of the treatment processes and medical results reveals any hidden weaknesses and reliably indicates possible improvements that continue to raise the quality of our results and your satisfaction as our patient.

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