Medical Excellence

With its approximately 160 healthcare facilities, including more than 100 clinics throughout Germany and a workforce of more than 47,000 employees, Asklepios is among Europe's largest clinic operators. Established 1985, the health group has remained in family ownership and dedicated to the principles of its founder to this day, namely to offer its patients the highest standards of innovative medical care. Asklepios clinics and other medical facilities are located in 14 of the 16 federal states of Germany. They treat over two million patients each year.

Full Medical Services

The Asklepios Kliniken organisation covers all areas of medical services. Besides clinics in the various levels of maximum, primary, regular and tertiary care, the health group has specialised clinics for particular disciplines that treat patients with defined conditions from far beyond their actual catchment areas. As an operator of rehab clinics, Asklepios is able to guarantee the entire range of inpatient treatment from a single source and according to the highest standards. Asklepios also runs Medical Care Centres at many locations to provide outpatient services to the general population.

Experience and Equipment

Medical services are no different to other complex tasks: over time, physicians and treatment teams that frequently deal with specific pathologies develop experience, routine and confidence that will generally lead to better treatment results. This learning curve becomes commensurately more important with more complex diseases and the attendant treatment methods. Besides this acquired experience, the medical equipment, clinic infrastructure and the connections between medical disciplines or between acute care and rehabilitation facilities are other key factors in the establishment of a particular treatment focus area.

Centers of Excellence

Asklepios has set up high-performance medical facilities Germany-wide to ensure the best possible treatment results, its Centers of Excellence. Here, patients with particular pathologies can rest assured that they will encounter doctors and treatment teams with outstanding expertise in their conditions. This high degree of specialisation in the treatment teams and on-site infrastructure ensures the best possible therapy and quality of results. Medical treatment at Asklepios Kliniken always takes place according to the latest standards of good clinical practice as prepared, adopted and maintained on the cutting edge of scientific insight by the professional associations, in some cases with contribution from Asklepios experts.

Combined Competency

An outstanding example for the efficient collaboration between Asklepios specialists in the treatment of complex pathologies is the Asklepios Tumour Centre Hamburg. It brings together the collective knowledge of over 200 cancer specialists at the seven Asklepios locations in the Hanseatic city, providing patients with the highest standards of treatment for all forms and stages of cancerous diseases. Today, the Tumour Centre's catchment area extends way beyond the metropolitan region of Hamburg; indeed, increasing numbers of international patients are enquiring about treatment in the Asklepios Tumour Centre Hamburg, especially in complex cases.

Other examples of internationally prestigious Asklepios Centers of Excellence include the German Children's Heart Centre in St. Augustin, North Rhine-Westphalia, the Centre for Lung Diseases in Munich-Gauting, the Centre of Orthopaedic Excellence in Bad Abbach, the Perinatal Centre in Hamburg-Barmbek and the Heart Centre in Hamburg-St. Georg, which, among other things, belongs to the world's leading facilities for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia.

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