Preparing your Visit

Together with specialized service partners for your country we will assist you in all matters like visa, travel arrangements relating to your trip to Germany and translation services. Your service partner will help you to confirm airline reservations, arrange hotel or housing for your relatives if needed, provide ground transportation from the airport or secure car rental for your stay.

Travel documents and visas

For entry into Germany, you may need the following:

  1. A form letter confirming your appointments at Asklepios. This letter will be emailed to you.
  2. A medical itinerary and/or receipt of payment, which will be emailed to you as well.
  3. Approval from your consulate to travel to Germany. Please check with your consulate. A visa must be obtained from a German consulate abroad prior to travel.
  4. Proper documents to enter Germany. Asklepios International Patient Office works together with specialized service partners who can help you get the proper documents, help you apply for a visa and to understand any restrictions and allowances.

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