International Patient Information

Dear Patient, dear Visitor,
If you are interested in seeking medical treatment at our hospital, we would ask that you please contact the respective department(s) directly. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions.
Please find below some useful information should you decide to undergo treatment at our Asklepios Klinik.

About Asklepios Stadtklinik

The Asklepios Stadtklinik is an acute care clinic with secondary care level services and offers space for the stationary treatment of up to 210 patients.

The new building of the Asklepios Stadtklinik finished in 2006 is located directly at the Brunnenallee in the very heart of Bad Wildungen.

The clinic provides a wide range of services in different departments. Being an academic educational hospital of the Philipps University of Marburg, it is involved in the academic teaching, training and further education of the students of medicine.

Accomodation & Comfort

Bei uns sind Sie in guten Händen

Every patient room in our clinic is designed for two persons and has separate comfortable sanitary facilities.

TV, Radio and Telephone

Every bed has an integrated bell system including TV set, radio and telephone. For the use of the headphones, we charge a one-time fee. The telephone connection can be activated under your name for you. You can either make an advance payment for your telephone number at the reception or get an invoice on your discharge.

Use of mobile phones

Mobile phones are not generally prohibited in our clinic. However, please note the instructions in the individual areas and please show consideration for your fellow patients.


Patients who wish for an even bigger range of services will be comfortable at our optional services ward or the PRIVITA comfort ward.

Medical quality, constant innovation, social responsibility – these are the aims that the family company Asklepios has been pursuing for over 30 years. Learn how Asklepios clinics not only secure the best possible working conditions for their staff members, but also the most success-promising treatment methods for patients.


Bad Wildungen is located in Northern Hesse and has a long tradition as a place for rehabilitation in Germany. The town is embedded in a scenic low mountain landscape and lies in close proximity to the Kellerwald-Edersee beech forest national park, which has been recognised as an UNESCU world heritage site since June 25, 2011. In the immediate neighbourhood of Bad Wildungen, the Edersee, a more than 100 years old artificial lake, meanders through wooded valleys over a length of 27 kilometres. With its mighty barrage built between 1910 and 1914, which is 400 metres long and about 50 metres high, the Edersee is one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe.

Contact person for foreign patients

Fon: +49 (5621) 795-2020


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