Centre for Mother and Child

Since autumn 2010 the new obstetrical department of the Asklepios Children Hospital in Sankt Augustin has opened its doors to pregnant women and mothers. Together with the Departments of Neonatology and Paediatric Intensive Care, the Centre for Mother and Child has originated. Through an independent range of prenatal diagnosis and medical advice, the best possible medical and technical all-round care is guaranteed for the parents from the beginning of pregnancy until after childbirth. 

For the childbirth three modern delivery rooms are available, by request even for water birth. Their special ambience allows a relaxed birth in a special atmosphere. The wishes of the expectant parents for birth position, pain therapy or complementary medical support for a natural birth (e. g. homoeopathy, acupuncture) of course are taken into account.

The versatile qualified team of Obstetrics responds individually to the specific needs of mother and child. As no pregnancy is like another and every unborn child, every healthy or sick newborn, needs individual attention. For this reason the operating room for emergency C-sections in the Department of Obstetrics is available. With the connected recovery room for intensive care after surgery, the best conditions are given to provide optimal medical services for mother and child.

We focus on:

  • Main focus: obstetrics, neonatology, prenatal diagnosis
  • Interdisciplinary consultation, support, delivery of high-risk and multiple pregnancies and births as well as in cases of diseases of the unborn childs
  • The full range of prenatal diagnosis
  • Holistic care for pregnant women and newborn
  • Integrated care during postnatal period/puerperium with rooming in (24 h)
  • Emergency aid in case of complications (e. g. emergency C-section, diseases of the child)
  • Childbirth preparation, breastfeeding and lactation counselling (lactation: delivery of the breast milk)
  • Complementary medical services (acupuncture, homoeopathy, aroma therapy)
  • 3 delivery rooms, bathtub for water birth, ward with 15 beds, parents’ room

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