Traumjob und 6.000€ Traumstarterprämie*

Du bist examinierter Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger (w/m/d) oder examinierter Altenpfleger (w/m/d) und träumst von einem Job mit einem tollen Team, idealen Arbeitsbedingungen und vielen Mitarbeiterangeboten?


Wir legen sogar noch 6.000 €* drauf!


Bewirb dich jetzt!
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* Voraussetzungen für den Erhalt der "Starterprämie":

  • Ein von dir und uns unterzeichneter Arbeitsvertrag als examinierter Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger (w/m/d) oder Altenpfleger (w/m/d)
  • Du warst in den letzten 36 Monaten vor Beginn des Arbeitsverhältnisses nicht innerhalb des Asklepios-Konzerns (einschließlich Tochtergesellschaften) als Arbeitnehmer/Auszubildender beschäftigt.
  • Dein Anspruch auf die erste Hälfte der Starterprämie entsteht am ersten Tag nach sechsmonatigem Bestehen des Arbeitsverhältnisses. Nach 18 Monaten Betriebszugehörigkeit erwirbst Du den Anspruch auf den zweiten Teil der Starterprämie.
  • Dein Anspruch auf "Starterprämie" ist ausgeschlossen, wenn dein Arbeitsverhältnis vor oder am Stichtag endet oder sich im gekündigten Zustand befindet.
  • Die "Starterprämie" in Höhe von EUR 6.000,00 wird dir als Bruttozahlung gewährt.

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Asklepios Fachkliniken Munich-Gauting - the biggest specialist clinic for pneumology in Bavaria

Cutting-edge medicine coupled with personal attention

Our international patients feel at home at Asklepios, with just one difference: in our clinics, they receive medical care and treatment from highly qualified specialists using state-of-the-art equipment.

Bei uns sind Sie in guten Händen

Asklepios Fachkliniken Munich-Gauting: Our strengths

Ärzte miteinander im Gespräch
Close collaboration between our individual departments

Our strength lies in the competent diagnosis, even of complex pathologies of the lung and thorax, via innovative medicine and close collaboration between our individual departments, and in providing treatments with an interdisciplinary approach.

Our patients obtain the latest diagnostic and treatment procedures: We are a teaching hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and a part of Comprehensive Pneumology Centre (CPS), of a research association in the area of pulmonary medicine. Apart from this, we also collaborate with renowned research institutes in the contray and abroad, and are a member of the certified lung tumour centre of Munich.

We, from the Asklepios Fachkliniken Munich-Gauting with 270 beds, are the fifth-largest specialist clinic for pulmonary diseases in Germany and the biggest one in Bavaria.

Medical quality at Asklepios Fachkliniken Munich-Gauting


Apart from the medicinal treatment, we use the entire spectrum of interventional methods such as, for example, laser treatment or stent implantations. In thoracic surgery, we use open as well as minimally invasive procedures.

In our oncological day-care clinic, we have the possibility to look after our patients on a partly inpatient basis. 

Key medical areas

  • Pneumology
  • Thoracic surgery
  • Onkology
  • Allergology
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases
  • General and specific infections of the respiratory tract and the lung
  • Intensive medicine
  • Pneumological acute geriatrics


  • Differential diagnoses
  • Allergology lab
  • Thoracic endoscopy including endobronchial ultrasound and video-assisted thoracoscopy
  • Pulmonary function and ergometry
  • Right-heart catheter
  • Sonography
  • Radiology with spiral CT
  • Nuclear medicine with lage-format camera and aerosol scintigraphy
  • Pulmonary pathology
  • Laboratory medicine with all core areas including WHO reference laboratory for tuberculosis.

Hotel style accommodation

Asklepios Privita: Your well-being is our strength

Recuperate in a sophisticated atmosphere – precisely what Asklepios Privita stands for. Our conception links the highest medical quality of Asklepios Kliniken with high-class equipment and premium service.

It is our objective to provide you a pleasant and trouble-free stay at our
hospitals. Our 5-star-quality standards ensure that you experience ultimate
comfort and privacy with us as well as the medical and personal consultation by our experienced staff. We take care of your health!

Your well-being is our strength

The Privita Komfortklinik is a small, personal unit inside the hospital premises, which offers you extraordinary services for discerning persons. Its elegantly set up superior rooms in preferred location fulfill the highest requirements of spatial equipment.

The interior design integrates patient room, living area and an office and also ensures that you feel as if you are in a luxury comfort hotel.

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