Useful Information

Here are some helpful and interesting facts for your stay in our clinic



If there are initial examinations on the first day, please make sure to arrive at least at 3pm.

Rooms will be at your disposal at 12 o’clock.



Telephone connection can be provided by our clinic. Please ask the reception. The fee will be € 0,50 per day plus the costs of your calls. You have to place a deposit of € 25,-.


Furthermore there is internet access for patients in our clinic. The charge is € 10,- for 10 hours. You can get additional information at the reception.


Patients of age 16 and above are entitled to rent a TV. The rental is possible from Wednesday to Wednesday. Additional information you can get at the reception.


Do you have any feedback for us (praise or criticism), please use our opinion form or contact each clinic staff. The staff will be glad to assist.


Daily Schedule

07.30 am – 08.00 am        Breakfast (on Sundays and on feast days 08.30am – 09.00 am)

08.30 am – 10.00 am        Therapy

10.00 am – 10.30 am        Cereal break

10.30 am – 12.30 am        Therapy

12.00 am – 01.00 pm       Lunch break   

01.00 pm – 02.00 pm       Time of rest

02.00 pm – 05.00 pm       Therapy

06.00 pm – 06.30 pm       Dinner

10.30 pm                         Night’s rest


Patients have to leave their rooms at 08.30am latest. Please pass the key immediately after leaving your room to the reception.


The first treatment should extend over a minimum of 4 weeks (28 days). For repeater also shortened stays are possible (min. 2 weeks).


Emergency Call

In case of emergency please push the red button next to your bed in order to call the nurse. To switch off the emergency call, please push the button next to the door. If there is no emergency you can get the nurse on the phone by dailing 250.


Leisure Time Activities

There are various activities in our clinic the patients could do during their free time. For further information have a look at the information board in front of the dining room or at the reception.

Our swimming pool is opened from 07.00pm – 08.00pm for younger patients and from 08.00pm – 09.00pm for adults. Please follow the pool attendant instructions.


Please note that patients are made liable for any damages in their room, even caused by visitors.

Therefore it is not allowed to visit other patients in their rooms. Please use the guest lounges in the 1st and 2nd floor for meetings with your friends.


Packing List

Beyond your personnel equipment you need the following stuff:


  • Sport shoes and sport dress
  • 5 sewed up flannels filled with approximately 200g rice (rice bags for therapy)*/**
  • Exercise mat*
  • Swim suit and bath slippers
  • Bikini or bra with a small bandage to enable best visual monitoring during exercising
  • pocket-mirror**
  • 2 towels (one for therapy and one for massage)*
  • Massage brush**
  • back bag to carry your therapy equipment during the therapy day
  • Drinking bottle**
  • Bicycle gloves for exercises on the wall bar**
  • Alarm clock
  • Hair dryer
  • If this is your first stay, please bring a photo of you for your patient’s file
  • An international health insurance for intercurrent diseases or accidents which cannot be treated in our clinic. Without this insurance card you would have to pay these treatments on your own.
  • Permanently needed medicine
  • Unfortunately it’s not possible to pay in foreign currency, so please bring Euros with you (please don’t bring jewels or too big sums of money with you, because they will not be insured against theft)


There are laundry facilities in the clinic. Please contact the reception for further information.


*You can lent these articles at our reception against deposit of € 10,- for using our mats or towels and € 5,- for each rice bag


** You can buy these articles at our reception as well (each rice bag: € 3,- /massage brush: € 6,- / drinking bottle: € 3,- / bicycle gloves: € 14,- / pocket mirror: € 9,50)



Our reception will welcome you and provide you further information in English language.



Please note that smoking is not allowed in any rooms of our clinic. There is a smoking area outside the clinic. It is not allowed to drink alcohol in any area of the clinic.



International treatment classes are provided 3-4 times a year, see the registration form.

For all other treatment classes, the therapy language is German!

Only a few single exercises during the first week are held in English. But most of our patients from abroad were very good integrated in the therapy, because of the physical demonstration of the exercises.

English or German language knowledge of the patient is urgently needed!

Time of Rest

There is an afternoon rest from 1pm to 2pm. During this time patients have to stay silently in their rooms or at the allocated break areas.

Please note, that the clinic will be locked at 10.30pm.


Adolescents have to be in their rooms at the following times:


Patients under 13y                          latest 06.00 pm

Patients from 13 to 14y                   latest 08.30 pm

Patients from 15 to 18y                   latest 09.30 pm

Adult patients                                 latest 10.30 pm


In our clinic there are patients of every age. Mutual respect and understanding is required.

Travel Route

You can reach Bad Sobernheim from Frankfurt Airport in about 1,5 hours by train. Trains are leaving the station at Frankfurt Airport every 2 hours from earliest 07.38am to 06.38pm latest. From Hahn Airport via Frankfurt or Mainz by train in about 2 hours.


The distance between the railway station Bad Sobernheim and the clinic is about 1,5 km. If you would like to get a pick up to the clinic, please inform us in advance about your arrival time.


Using a car from the Airport, please take the A 60 direction Bingen/Bad Kreuznach. Exit the auto route at “Kreuz Nahetal” and follow the B 41 direction Idar-Oberstein to Bad Sobernheim. Turn off at the exit “Steinhardt” and follow the road signs to the “Freilichtmuseum”.


You are allowed to use the parking area close to the clinic at your own risk.

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