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German Medical Center in Abu Dhabi extends service to Europe  

Abu Dhabi, December 12, 2011. Al Rawdah German Medical Center in Abu Dhabi has teamed up with German healthcare provider Asklepios to ensure a continued quality of care both within Abu Dhabi and in Europe.

The partnership will enable patients from Al Rawdah German Medical Center to be
transferred to Germany for specialized care with minimal fuss. Managing Director for Al Rawdah German Medical Center, Dr. Hans-Poessel stated that the add-on service for patients would result in a decrease in administration as the doctors at the Centre and in Germany would assist each other in providing quality care to the patient.

“Al Rawdah German Medical Center and Asklepios will be able to take care of all the
patient needs from travel to choosing the best hospital for the patient’s specific

“We can even assist with recommending where loved ones of the patient can stay in
Germany to be close to the preferred medical facility.”
Asklepios has been operating for over 25 years and has a national network of
approximately 100 emergency hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes, private
practices and medical centers.

“With a focus on providing state-of-the-art German medical services, it made sense to
partner with Asklepios in order to maximize the benefits for our patients,” Dr Poessel

“With this partnership we can ensure consistent high level medical care for our patients,
through a seamless medical supply chain, enabling the translation of medical
information easily and most importantly, quality patient treatment which can continue
back in Abu Dhabi.”

German standards of healthcare have been recognized in the United Arab Emirates as
being efficient, safe and reasonably priced and Al Rawdah German Medical Center is
proud to be able to provide this service to its patients, thereby providing a holistic
approach to healthcare in Abu Dhabi.



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For further information regarding Al Rawdah German Medical Center please contact
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Further information regarding Asklepios can be located at www.asklepios.com

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