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Corporate Management

The corporate management of the Asklepios Group is led by the CEO and management expert Dr. Ulrich Wandschneider.

Through their various specialised fields, these individuals cover all of the top management skills required in a hospital group. The goal of the company is to retain and expand the Asklepios Group market leadership to the private clinic sector. The joint actions of corporate management are always focused on the attainment and guarantee of this strategic objective.

Dr. jur. Bernard gr. Broermann

Dr. jur. Bernard gr. Broermann is the founder and sole shareholder of the Asklepios Group.

Dr. Ulrich Wandschneider


Since November 2011 Dr. Ulrich Wandschneider is the new CEO of the Asklepios Group.

Kai Hankeln

Kai Hankeln accounts for the facilities of Asklepios Kliniken Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH in Northern and Eastern Germany (except Hamburg) as well as the field of psychiatry.

Dr. Andreas Hartung

Dr. Andreas Hartung accounts for the facilities of Asklepios Kliniken Verwaltungsgesellschaft in the South and central Germany. In addition, Dr. Hartung is in charge for the huamn resources division.

Dr. Thomas Wolfram

Dr. Thomas Wolfram is spokesman of the corporate mangagement and responsible for the operative management of Asklepios Kliniken Hamburg GmbH.